Helping women recover from sexual betrayal

If you have experienced betrayal in your relationship due to your partners’ unwanted sexual behaviours and you need help taking the next steps in your life, I can provide you with 1:1 support and the tools and framework to not only overcome the pain but thrive in your life.


The kind words of my courageous clients.

As a psychologist, I was skeptical of working with a Life Coach. But, I was so wrong. Sandy Botembo is the real deal!
Not only do you feel the genuine care and love from her sessions but she has a beautiful Spirit lead passion that gently guides you to that light you are so desperately searching for.
I was terrified to open up! But, Sandy gave me a safe place to share my deep pain, my shame that wasn't mine to carry,  and my broken heart. I knew she understood.
Sandy helped me see my worth and value as a human being and regain hope for the future. Things that are so easily lost in the midst of a betrayal. I am so grateful that God put her in my path, to help me navigate such a treacherous journey.  Thank you Sandy!
Trauma Coaching

It gets better from here

If you’ve experienced betrayal in your relationship then you understand how devastating it can be and how challenging it is to work through all on your own. We were not meant to walk through this alone! As your coach, I help you develop a plan to face and overcome the trauma so that you can move forward with your life. This is not about sitting on a couch and talking through the past as much as it is charting a course for the future and taking action


Why I'm here

Welcome! My name is Sandy and I am a certified partner coach (CPC)  specializing in betrayal trauma, and a facilitator who leads groups for wives of sex/porn addicts wanting to heal from the pain and trauma they have experienced in their relationships. I am a busy mom to four great kids. I am passionate about supporting women 1:1 and helping them navigate through the healing process after betrayal. I am also a wife who has experienced betrayal and has a history of marriage trauma recovery.

I feel I have been “called“ to help women find their voice and move from victim to victor as they discover their strength, self worth and value.  With the support of a coach and making the commitment to your own healing and recovery, you can experience freedom and feel empowered to thrive in life.
I am committed to partnering with you, offering you accountability, understanding and supporting you throughout your journey of recovery

Sexual Infidelity Coaching

Learning to trust again

After experiencing betrayal, the world can seem a dark and horrible place.  By partnering with me on your journey towards healing, we will create a path forward by rebuilding trust, establishing healthy boundaries, practicing caring for yourself and identifying unhealthy patterns. There are action items for each week and conversations we work through to ensure that you find a way to trust again and that you receive the support you need.


Let's work together

You are not alone. Book a free, confidential call so that we can get to know each other and your situation a little better.  

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You are not alone. Book a free, confidential call so that we can get to know each other and your situation a little better.  
Sandy Botembo
Your Certified Trauma Coach